Making business decisions means constant evaluation of opportunity and risk.  In every instance - whether incorporation or contractual issues, or even simple business transactions - the law has become an intregal component of that process.


As business and corporate counsel, our job is to help you achieve your business objectives.  Our legal representation goes beyond legal counseling.  We want to make sure that our advice fits into your overall business strategy and the legal process does not get in the way of smooth and efficient operation of our business.


This requires considerable depth and breadth in general business and corporate law, and an understaning of your business.  Mr. DeLong is continually asked to render advice and become involved in a broad array of business and corporate matters.  In each case, his approach is shaped not only by  a learned legal perspective, but also by an appreciation of the realities of running a business in today's world.  Mr. DeLong makes it his business to understand your business.


Our client's have recognized this expertise with long-term trust in our counsel; we have client relationships extending over 15 years, and through several generations of family clients.