Entrepreneurs need answers ... and they usually need them right away.

Recognizing that simple fact has helped shape the way Mr. DeLong approaches his clients' mergers and acquisition needs - he seeks answers before the questions arise, and when questions do arise, Mr. DeLong is ready with workable solutions.

Mr. DeLong brings to the table the ability and willingness to bring creative solutions to problems inherent to corporate mergers and acquisitions transactions.  Helping to define and structure our clients' objectives is our first step; only afterwards can you really evaluate how to get from her to there.  Mr. DeLong can be a useful element in this process.

The process often requires that the firm draw upon a wealth of relationships in the banking, investment and accounting communities; contacts Mr. DeLong had carefully cultivated over the years.  This integrated, coordinated team of strategist, negotiators, researchers and others can evaluate a prospect, arrange financing and handle negotiations while remaining focused on your objectives.

In short, a team which can achieve the desired result, sometimes through unexpected means.  This firm is dedicated to this team approach.